Success Stories

We love to share the success stories of cats we have re-homed

About Puss Puss

Now called Ralph and living with his new owner he looks to be very pleased to be in his new home.

Good luck Ralph we’ll miss our cuddles!

About Mister Tom

Mister Tom was the first cat to be be re-homed from Cress Green Cattery since it was taken over by Steve & Keely and now lives under his new name of Leonard.

Looks like he has settled right in!

About Grumpy Bumpy

“Grumpy Bumpy” was so called by the Stroud News and Journal when they ran an article to find her a new home.

She earned the nickname because she used to have a habit of biting people, indeed she also had a go at her new prospective owner when he first visited her!

Despite this he still offered her a new home and she is now very settled and contented and her biting days are over.

About Tinker & Belle

Tinker & Belle are 2 sisters who both arrived at our fosterer’s heavily pregnant.

They were inseparable and extremely supportive of each other’s birth and kittens. They each had four beautiful kittens 3 days apart and shared the kittens between them, feeding whichever ones were nearest to them. Tinker usually ended up doing more of the feeding while Belle was the expert cleaner and washer.

The kittens thrived and all the family were successfully rehomed with Tinker & Belle going together.

About Wiggy

When Wiggy arrived at our fosterer’s with his brother, she had a feeling that something wasn’t right with him and so she whisked him off to the vets. The vet felt that there was some sort of blockage in Wiggy’s stomach, either a foreign object or a twisted gut, and he was rushed off to the main veterinary hospital in Stroud to be operated on as soon as surgery was over.

It turns out that Wiggy had a length of ordinary sewing thread looped around his tongue, and that it had passed all the way through his intestines to the end of the bowel. It had cut into his tongue, which required sutures, and he had to have four incisions in his intestines to remove the thread, which was over 40 inches long.

Wiggy must have been in excruciating pain, and had he not been operated on would probably have died within hours. After the operation it was touch and go for a while but he made a full recovery and went on to live a normal, happy life in his new home.